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Deepen your knowledge of biological wastewater treatment

Basic course in microbiology and wastewater treatment

A course dedicated to microorganisms in your biological wastewater treatment process. Learn how to keep them happy and how to get rid of unwanted guests. We have held this course in Swedish for over 30 years and since 2018 offer it also in English. This basic course treats topics from microbiology and different types of treatment processes to how to troubleshoot your treatment plant. Whether you are a process operator/process engineer or working in sales, process design, commissioning or engineering design, you will enjoy the coverage of topics, the in-depth lectures and the hands-on trouble-shooting.

AnoxKaldnes Microbiology course for Wastewater treatment professionals will be held in English online on September 20-24, 2021

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AnoxKaldnes grundkurs i Mikrobiologi och avloppsvattenrening kommer att hållas 16-19 november 2021

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Biologisk felsökning genom mikroskopering och filamentidentifiering

Detta är en fördjupningskurs med fokus på biologisk felsökning och problemlösning med hjälp av mikroskopet. Vi identifierar filamentbakterier och andra möjliga orsaker till problem såsom slamsvällning och skumning.

Kontakta oss om du är intresserad av att gå denna kurs.

AnoxKaldnes Microscopy


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