Anoxthane™ enables the anaerobic treatment of wastewater containing different levels of chemical oxygen demand (COD) and solids. It offers increased robustness compared to suspended and granular-based anaerobic technologies.

Anoxthane™ is an MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) that enables the anaerobic treatment of wastewater containing different levels of chemical oxygen demand (COD) and solids. It works at different temperatures and offers increased robustness against variations in organic loads and temperature compared to suspended and granular-based anaerobic technologies.

Anoxthane™ is based on industry proven MBBR technology. Advantages include:

  • Smaller footprint compared to other biological systems
  • Robust and stable in changing influent conditions
  • Flexible for both upstream and downstream processes
  • Easily upgraded for future loads
  • Low to no maintenance required
  • Easy to retrofit into existing infrastructure


The Anoxthane™ Process

An anaerobic biofilm grows on AnoxK™Z carriers to provide for controlled and protected biofilm development. The carriers are kept completely mixed and in suspension in the reactor volume by AnoxK™Mixer(s).

The AnoxK™Mixer is specially designed for MBBRs using AnoxK™Z carriers, optimized to work seamlessly together. The anaerobic biofilm removes the biodegradable solution, transforming it into biogas.


Anoxthane™ is beneficial for water with the following characteristics:

  • Low-strength wastewater with a large fraction of soluble, easily degradable COD
  • Cold or warmer temperature effluents (20-38oC) without the need for heating
  • Wastewater with higher levels of solids and fats/oils where anaerobic granular technologies are not very efficient


Anoxthane™ Carefully Selected Components

Anothane™ comes as a complete solution, custom designed to meet your specific needs.  All AnoxK™ components are optimized to work seamlessly together as a single unit.


Included in Anoxthane™ technology are:

  • One-stage AnMBBR with AnoxKaldnes™ outlet sieves
  • AnoxK™Z carriers for controlled anaerobic biofilm growth and robustness against scaling
  • Top-mounted mechanical AnoxK™Mixer
  • Optional post-aerobic polishing MBBR


Benefits of an Anoxthane™ AnMBBR for anaerobic wastewater treatment


  • Lower risk of biomass losses due to the formation of an attached biofilm to carriers
  • Resilient to variations in loads and temperature due to a stable and fixed biofilm
  • Tolerance against high levels of incoming solids and fats
  • Reduced impacts of scaling in the MBBR operation and no risk of clogging from excessive biomass growth or accumulation of foreign particles provided by AnoxK™Z carriers


  • Simple and flexible reactor design at different scales
  • Ease of implementation and operation
  • Operational at various temperatures (mesophilic, thermophilic or colder temperatures) 
  • Control COD removal capacity based on media filling degree
  • Retrofit tanks or malfunctioning anaerobic reactors
  • No digestion of solids in the wastewater reactor.  Possibility to integrate with solids separation and more efficient solids digestion


A great match for industries

Anoxthane™ benefits the following industries:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Chemicals


Anoxthane™ has proven itself to be especially successful in these submarkets:

  • Food production/vegetable-fruit processing
  • Dairy
  • Winery
  • Brewery/distilleries
  • Drinks and juice production


Advantages for the O&G and Chemicals industries:

  • Improved salinity tolerance
  • Improved toxicity tolerance
  • AnoxK™Z carriers protect against clogging

Worldwide Leaders in MBBR and Anaerobic Processes

Anoxthane™ technology comes from Biothane, our sister company and the World leader in anaerobic treatment.


AnoxKaldnes’ technologies are found in more than 1,200 treatment plants around the world. Contact us for references related to your specific needs.

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