The water treatment process you need depends on a range of variables. Our technologies are adapted to give you the optimal solution for your specific requirements.

Designing each project according to your special requirements

No two projects are the same. Conditions and needs always vary because of local requirements and regulations. We design specific solutions for each project to always offer you the optimal solution and the right technology. This applies to everything from the facility's function and flexibility to service and operating economy.

ANITA™ Mox from AnoxKaldnes is an energy-efficient process for removing high ammonia loads in wastewater.

Anoxthane™ from AnoxKaldnes enables the anaerobic treatment of wastewater containing different levels of chemical oxygen demand (COD) and solids.
BAS™ biofilm activated sludge solution creates optimal conditions for removing organic substances and reducing sludge production in wastewater.
Biostyr™ Duo from AnoxKaldnes is the most compact solution for biological removal of carbon and nitrogen.
Cella™ is a new biofilm technology for sustainable wastewater treatment for municipalities.
eXeno™ from AnoxKaldnes is a biological treatment of micropollutants for the pharmaceuticals industry.
Hybas/IFAS from AnoxKaldnes is a biofilm upgrade for activated sludge plants that removes nitrogen and other organic material.
AnoxKaldnes Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) is a biological process that removes pollutants from wastewater in a cost-efficient way.
Tracer™ from AnoxKaldnes is a family of specialized MBBR solutions for the treatment of complex compounds in industrial effluents.
Z-MBBR from AnoxKaldnes is a family of carriers that enables biofilm thickness control in biological wastewater treatment.