AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology enables the development of unique micro-flora in the different process steps, removing complex compounds while protecting nitrification steps from toxicity in chemical industries.

Chemical industries produce large volumes of wastewater in their production and clearing processes. Examples include agricultural chemicals, derivatives, polymers, paints, plastics and cleaning products.

Chemical industry wastewaters are difficult to characterize but they typically contain a number of complex compounds. High temperatures and changing production and cleaning cycles add to the complexity of this type of wastewater.

As with most industries, each chemical treatment site is different. AnoxKaldnes has solved the challenges of numerous chemical production facilities, often using bench scale simulation to determine the exact design configuration.

MBBR technology makes it easy to design for a multi-step process which allows for the development of unique micro-flora (bacteria, fungi, etc.) in the different process steps. This makes it possible to remove complex compounds while protecting subsequent nitrification steps from toxicity. 

The MBBR process is easy to combine with a variety of post-treatment options as no sludge recycle is required.

Tracer™ from AnoxKaldnes is a family of specialized MBBR solutions for the treatment of complex compounds in industrial effluents.


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