AnoxKaldnes supplies compact biological technologies designed to solve a variety of challenges within municipal wastewater treatment. The system can operate at low temperatures and handle high loads of organic matter.

Municipalities all over the world are faced with increased wastewater challenges. These include assuring environmental quality of the receiving water bodies, securing bathing water quality, protecting drinking water resources, and closing the loop by recycling used water for irrigation or as drinking water. And many plants may now have to remove not just suspended solids and organic material, but also nutrients and micropollutants.  

Today, many plants based on activated sludge need to be upgraded either to treat more water or to incorporate nitrification or nutrient removal. While effluent requirements are becoming more stringent, cities continue to grow, leaving less space for extending capacity of existing plants or building new ones. This leads to increased demand for reducing Noise and Odor emissions and improving the optical appearance of municipal wastewater treatment plants. To reduce the climate impact the treatment solutions also need to have a low carbon footprint.

MBBR is a compact solution for achieving complete nutrient removal. It has been used for underground installations, situations where poor ground conditions demanding pyling, and fully covered plants allowing the best control of odor and noise.

Biofilm-based technologies do not rely on sludge age to assure performance. As such, an MBBR plant consumes less oxygen and produces sludge with a higher energy content than an activated sludge solution like CAS, MBR or AGS for the same performance.

MBBR or HYBAS technologies offer an Energy neutral or energy positive solution.


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