ANITA™ Mox processes are single-stage de-ammonification technologies that remove more than 90% of ammonia and 75-85% of total nitrogen.

The ANITA™ Mox processes – MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) and HYBAS™ (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) are single-stage deammonification technologies that remove more than 90% of ammonia and 75-85% of total nitrogen.

The processes accomplish this without adding an external carbon source and with considerably less energy in comparison to conventional nitrification - denitrification.

The ANITA™ Mox process is specially developed for treatment of streams highly loaded in ammonia such as:

  • Reject water following anaerobic digestion from municipal WWTP to reduce the nitrogen load on the main wastewater treatment line
  • Industrial wastewaters, especially after anaerobic treatment
  • Landfill leachates

Reject water treatment

High ammonia concentration with low COD concentration are typical characteristics of reject water coming from dewatering of digested sludge.

Usually sent back to the main wastewater flow, treating this ammonia load through conventional nitrification/ denitrification can be expensive.

The ANITA™ Mox process on reject water treats the nitrogen at a low energy and chemical cost, reducing overall consumption. It can dramatically reduce the nitrogen load on the main biological treatment line and is an excellent solution for upgrading an overloaded existing wastewater treatment plant at low cost.


ANITA™ Mox benefits

  • Compact process
  • Up to 60% oxygen savings
  • No carbon source needed
  • Reduced sludge production
  • Robust,  stable process
  • Quick start-up with Biofarm concept
  • Lower CO2 emissions


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