AnoxKaldnes biological treatment can significantly reduce the number of pollutants in wastewater from power stations, helping them meet regulatory requirements and avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Using treated municipal wastewater for Power Plant make-up is more sustainable than using surface or underground water.

This water requires a pre-treatment technology to remove residual organics (measured as Biochemical Oxygen Demand or BOD), ammonia, and pathogens.

Biological rather than physical-chemical treatment offers great benefits. Fresh water is preserved for other uses, and there is reduction in chlorine for breakpoint chlorination to remove ammonia.

Reclaiming municipal wastewater effluent as a source of make-up water benefits the power company, the municipality, and the environment. AnoxKaldnes have references and experience to guide your investment towards a “Win-Win-Win`solution for all entities:


Benefits to Power Companies:

  • A guaranteed source of Water (drought-free)
  • Improve efficiency and footprint of the power plant by using water-cooled vs. air-cooled condensers
  • Quicken the permit process to build a new plant since a request for a large volume of fresh water is not needed
  • Increase Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Sewage plant effluent is more consistent than changing river water; making the treatment processes easier to operate


Benefits to the Environment:

  • Reduction in freshwater use – leaving it for drinking and agriculture
  • Large volume of sewage plant effluent is treated and not discharged to the environment


Benefits to Municipalities: 

  • Potential ability to reduce costs if discharge loadings or discharge flows are taxed


AnoxKaldnes’ technologies are found in more than 1,200 treatment plants around the world. Contact us for references related to your specific needs.

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