Tracer™ is a family of specialized MBBR solutions for the treatment and removal of complex compounds in industrial effluents. Compounds include glycols, cyanides and selenium.

Tracer™ is a family of specialized MBBR solutions specific and unique for the treatment of complex compounds in industrial effluents.
These challenging compounds are not common and knowledge of how to treat them is not widely known.
Bench-scale simulations provide valuable information for determining the ability of microorganisms to break down substances and help to accurately create a full-scale design.

Industrial applications for Tracer™ MBBRs

Industries around the world are facing tougher challenges as regulations are imposed that require higher levels of wastewater treatment prior to discharge. Heavy or specialized industries and those dealing with chemicals and pharmaceuticals often have a complex mix of contaminants in their wastewater and the options for treatment are limited.

Tracer™ customers are typically applicable in:

Tracer™ solutions are based on well-proven AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR technologies.
AnoxKaldnes brings a deep knowledge of microbiology and wastewater treatment using MBBRs to the industrial world of complex compounds.

MBBR solutions have the following advantages:

  • Suitable for removal of complex compounds
  • Smaller footprint compared to other biological systems
  • Robust and stable in changing influent conditions
  • Flexible to upstream and downstream processes
  • Easily upgraded for future loads
  • Low to no maintenance required
  • Easy to retrofit into existing infrastructure

Tracer™ solutions were developed using bench-scale simulations available through AnoxKaldnes Services.

AnoxKaldnes has a list of removable compounds we have tested and can quickly give feedback as to the feasibility of any treatment. 

Testing can accurately confirm full-scale design along with other challenging conditions such as start-up and industrial processing shifts.


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Tracer™ MBBR Removable compounds

By using the Tracer™ MBBR process several types of harmful compounds can be removed. AnoxKaldnes has successfully removed compounds like Glycols and Selenium in several applications, and the number of compounds that can be removed just keeps growing.

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