Oil and gas

Strict environmental guidelines require petrochemical companies to effectively treat complex compounds from their processes. AnoxKaldnes solutions, such as Tracer™, remove these compounds from wastewater.
Oil and Gas

Wastewater from the petrochemical industries contains various organic and inorganic compounds that are naturally present or are added during processing. Strict environmental guidelines require petrochemical companies to limit any exposure to the surrounding countryside.

Biological treatment is needed for the removal of typical and more complex organic compounds in wastewater. 

MBBR technology makes it easy to design a multi-step process that enables the development of unique micro-flora (bacteria, fungi, etc.) in the different process steps. This makes it possible to remove complex compounds while protecting subsequent nitrification steps from toxicity. MBBR is easy to combine with a variety of post-treatment options as no sludge recycle is required.

As with most industries, each petrochemical site is different. Finding the right solution often involves a bench-scale simulation in order to determine the exact design configuration. We have helped solve these challenges for over thirty years.

Tracer™ from AnoxKaldnes is a family of specialized MBBR solutions for the treatment of complex compounds in industrial effluents.


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