eXeno™ is an environmentally friendly way to remove micropollutants from wastewater such as pharmaceuticals, personal care products and industrial chemical compounds that are difficult to degrade.

Micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals, personal care products or industrial chemical compounds are difficult to degrade. There is a growing risk that these compounds find their way into our water supply and spread antibiotic resistance. This places growing importance on the removal of antibiotics and other compounds from industry and municipalities.

eXeno™ micropollutant solution

eXeno™ is based on MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) and used for the biological removal of drugs and other complex compound residuals in wastewater. MBBR relies on microorganisms such as bacteria growing on plastic carriers which are retained in the reactor.

The technology allows the development of biomass with significantly longer sludge retention times (SRT) compared to conventional systems. This encourages the development of slower-growing organisms capable of removing difficult compounds.

  • Effective
    High removal (50-80%) of difficult degradable pharmaceuticals
  • Economical
    The cost of energy and chemical usage is reduced by using more bacteria and less ozone and/or activated carbon
  • Environmentally friendly
    Avoids the release of by-products


Proven technology with broad application

With more than 25 references worldwide within the pharmaceutical industry, AnoxKaldnes has gained expertise in treating complex compounds. eXeno™ technologies range from complete treatment of pharmaceutical/industrial wastewater and hospital wastewater to tertiary solutions for municipal application.



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AnoxKaldnes eXeno™ Questions & Answers

Top 10 most common questions about eXeno™

What is AnoxKaldnes eXeno™?

eXeno™ is the biological solution for removal of pharmaceuticals and difficult compounds from wastewater. It is for both industrial applications where those compounds are found at high concentrations (mg/l) and for municipal wastewater where they are present at lower concentrations (ng-µg/l).

Is AnoxKaldnes eXeno™ an MBBR solution?

Yes, eXeno™ is based on the MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) solution. It can be a stand-alone solution or can be combined with other technologies such as ozonation.

What are micropollutants?

Micropollutants are pharmaceuticals and other difficult compounds present in municipal wastewater at low concentrations (ng-µg/l). They are persistent and they can be toxic to the recipient.

Are micropollutants degradable?

The majority of micropollutants can be difficult to degrade but with the right conditions, they can be degraded biologically, even at low concentrations.

How do you remove micropollutants from water?

Micropollutants can be oxidized through strong oxidizing agents such as ozone, they can be adsorbed on activated carbon or they can be removed biologically without dosing chemicals.

Is AnoxKaldnes eXeno™ a new technology?

It is based on over 30 years of experience of AnoxKaldnes on pharmaceutical and chemical wastewater. New research and development extended this knowledge to the emerging municipal market.

How many eXeno™ references exist?

There are more than 25 references in the pharmaceutical industry and two references in the emerging municipal market where eXeno™ is combined with ozonation.

Is AnoxKaldnes eXeno™ efficient?

Micropollutants include a list of more than 1000 compounds with different degradability. eXeno™ for municipal projects shows removal of up to 60%-70% for several compounds as a stand-alone solution and >90% combined with ozonation.

Does eXeno™ remove only micropollutants?

eXeno™ removes not only pharmaceuticals present in the wastewater but also the remaining conventional pollutants such as carbon and nitrogen.

Is eXeno™ a sustainable solution?

Yes, eXeno™ is a highly sustainable solution as it requires less/no chemical dosing and low energy consumption.