Drinking water

AnoxKaldnes solutions remove ammonia, nitrates, TOC, Geosmin and MIB in an important pre-treatment step ahead of drinking water treatment plants. This biological solution reduces the impact and use of chemical treatment downstream.
Drinking water

There is an increased demand for integrating biological pre-treatment in the drinking water treatment line to secure good, healthy drinking water without Nitrogen compounds, smells, and odors. Typical applications are Ammonia removal, Nitrate removal, TOC removal, Geosmin, and MIB removal.

Biological active filters are known within drinking water treatment. The performance of these filters are limited as pollution load increases. For example, will such a filter max remove 2 mg NH₄-N/l as oxygen is only supplied in pre-aeration. AnoxKaldnes’ MBBR has an integrated aeration system and treats even high concentrations of NH₄-N. 

Another area is the biological reduction of MIB and geosmin where  to avoid nutrients limitations the ideal placement of a biological treatment will be as pre-treatment before solid separation.  In this position the a Biofilter though rapidly clogs. A solution using MBBR does not have these limitations and the created biomass can easily be removed in the downstream solid separation stage. 

Similar Nutrients limitation, and problems with excessive sludge production can be totally avoided when removing Nitrate using MBBR.

AnoxKaldnes Biofilm carriers used for drinking water applications are all made of Food Grade Certified HDPE.


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