AnoxKaldnes produces biological wastewater treatment for a complete range of applications. As our methods are more efficient compared to traditional water treatment, they significantly reduce costs.
Chemical industries produce large volumes of wastewater in their production and clearing processes.
AnoxKaldnes produces superior solutions for the biological pretreatment of drinking water.

Wastewater originating from the food and beverage industries is often easily biodegradable and non-toxic.
At many municipal landfills, household waste is deposited together with different kinds of industrial waste.

This industry has become one of the most important industries in the world and needs pure water for production and the ability to treat waste
Meeting the challenges of complex compounds and cold temperatures.

MBBR technologies from AnoxKaldnes effectively treat wastewater from the petrochemical industries, removing complex compounds.
AnoxKaldnes develops technologies for the effective microbiological treatment of wastewater from the pharmaceuticals industry.
Using treated municipal wastewater for Power Plant make-up is more sustainable than using surface or groundwater.

Each pulp and paper mill has its own, unique effluent streams and discharge requirements.
AnoxKaldnes produces solutions for the biological treatment of wastewater in textile production.
Municipalities all over the world are faced with increased wastewater challenge