AnoxKaldnes ANITA™ Mox effectively treats microelectronics wastewater, especially highly concentrated ammonia streams, before discharge to public sewer systems.

The microelectronics industry has become one of the most important industries in the world. The industry needs a source of pure water for production and the ability to treat waste streams prior to discharge to the public sewer systems.

Wastewater from microelectronics production typically has high concentrations of tetra-methyl ammonium hydroxide, meaning removal of ammonia and nitrogen compounds become a primary concern. Wastewater is typically:

  • Warm
  • Contains a high level of TOC
  • Contains recalcitrant compounds

AnoxKaldnes’ MBBR technologies, specifically the AnoxKaldnes ANITA™ Mox effectively treat microelectronics wastewater, especially the treatment of highly concentrated ammonia streams. 

One of the major advantages of MBBR technology is that it is easy to design a multi-step process, enabling the development of unique micro-flora (bacteria, fungi, etc.) in the different process steps. This makes it possible to remove complex compounds while protecting subsequent steps from toxicity.  

The MBBR process is easy to combine with a variety of post-treatment options as no sludge recycle is required.


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