4 things that really matter when choosing an MBBR carrier

4 things that really matter when choosing an MBBR carrier

Because matter matters

4 things that really matter when choosing an MBBR carrier

Price matters, right? Not always. Basing the decision to buy an MBBR, or any other water treatment solution purely on price, could come back to haunt you, having a negative effect on service, parts, your ability to effectively treat water – and all the associated extra costs. 

While price matters, there are four things that really do matter when choosing an MBBR carrier: 

1. Quality matters 

At AnoxKaldnes we build in quality assurance into our MBBR carriers to ensure the lifetime of your plant, and to make sure the material is of the correct HDPE grade. We make sure all material choices are quality controlled to ensure maximum processing with a minimum effect.
Quality is also about only doing business with environmentally conscious producers and partners, and ensuring minimum risk of plastic pollution in our environment. That’s all part of our quality control.


2. Design matters

Carriers collide with both themselves and reactor internals millions of times a day. That means design and carrier mass are critical.  
AnoxKaldnes solutions provide a carrier designed to last. One that ensures production under tight tolerances, provides a carrier intended to last the lifetime of your plant while minimizing environmental effects. 

Let’s face it, why would you have elephants bump into each other, when you only need butterflies to do the work?


3. Durability matters 

Durability is about getting a solution for the lifetime of your plant. It’s about long-lasting efficiency – without any long-lasting negative effects on the environment. And it’s about sustainability and choosing the right combination of raw material and end-product for your needs. Which is why we use virgin HDPE instead of recycled HDPE. It’s why we use molecular analysis to examine and choose the right carrier raw material. And why we use mechanical simulation tests to determine carrier durability over time. 


4. Cost matters
The three points above lead to an easy conclusion. Price doesn’t matter. Cost does. Reducing costs while maintaining the best possible treatment system is all about making sure your solution gives you a compact footprint, is simple to operate, offers you flexibility in choosing downstream separation, is stable enough for any influent changes, and is easy to retrofit.

What matters to us is what matters to you.

Find out more on the link below about how AnoxKaldnes MBBR solutions make matter matter.