A sustainable future with Cella™

In our quest for sustainability, the need for efficient, high-performing wastewater treatment solutions has never been more critical. Our ecosystems and the preservation of nature depend on our ability to minimize emissions and ensure clean water for future generations. With Cella™, we're not just imagining a more sustainable world; we're creating it.


Cella is at the forefront of biofilm technology, offering an innovative approach to wastewater treatment that's both efficient and sustainable. By integrating the strengths of Moving-Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology with new features, Cella represents a significant leap forward in ecological transformation.



Why choose Cella?

  • An evolution from AnoxKaldnes®MBBR
  • A new technology with a biofilm moving bed 
  • A new biofilm support material made of renewable biomass by-products
  • Uses a holistic energy optimization approach
  • Flexible, simple, and robust operation
  • Fast startup and biofilm establishment
  • An all-in-one solution for the biological treatment of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus
  • Efficient in meeting stringent discharge requirements


Choosing Cella is more than just committing to wastewater treatment, it is a commitment to the future of our planet. It is a solution that offers unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility. Protect our ecosystems, comply with environmental regulations, and contribute to the well-being of our world.

Cella's first full-scale plant

The Svinninge wastewater treatment plant in Holbæk, Denmark, operated by Fors A/S, is undergoing expansion due to operating beyond capacity and anticipates future load increases. AnoxKaldnes and Kruger A/S proposed Cella for the expansion due to its sustainability, efficiency, and small ecological footprint. This project is supported by Danish national funding through the Environmental Technology Development and Demonstration Program (MUDP).

This is Cella. Clean water for future generations.