Removable compounds

The Tracer™ MBBR process removes harmful compounds

Our technologies successfully remove compounds like perchlorate and selenium in several applications.


Perchlorate is toxic to flora and fauna even at microgram levels. It affects human health by interfering with iodine uptake by the thyroid gland, resulting in decreased production of thyroid hormones.

The level of perchlorate is highly regulated in drinking water and groundwater by Water Health Advisory boards all over the world.  Tracer™ removes this compound, and also in applications such the manufacturing of rocket fuel, matches, signal flares, explosives and fireworks.

Pregnant woman
healthy sources of selenium


Selenium is an essential nutrient for all living organisms; humans need approximately 10-50 ppb (µg/L) daily.

However, selenium compounds bioaccumulate in aquatic environments, and can compromise the health of living organisms. Discharge into the environment is becoming an increasing concern.

Selenium contaminated wastewaters are generated by industries in coal and mineral mining, coal-based power generation, oil extraction, and petrochemical refining, metallurgy, and agricultural irrigation. Effluents from the production of solar panels and lithium batteries also tend to be contaminated with selenium.

Tracer™ MBBR biologically removes selenium in a cost-efficient way while minimizing environmental damage.